Oil Field Supplies

Standards: ASTM , ASME

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron

CS Grades: SCH 40 , 80 , 160 , STD , XS , XXS

SS Grades: SAISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L

GI Grades: A53

Sizes: 1/8” – 24” NPS

Types: SMLS, ERW

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Standards: ANSI, ASME, API, BS, DIN

Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Bronze, Brass, Chrome

Grades: A216 WCB, A105, CF8/8M, 316, 316L, 304, 304L

Ball Valves

Sizes: ¼” to 24” Cast/Forged Body

Class: 800, 2000, 2250, 3000, 5000 PSI (THDD & SW), 150 TO 2500 (FLANGED ENDS)

Ends: Threaded, Socket Weld, Flanged & Butt Weld.

Port: Regular & Full

Construction: Floating Ball, Trunnion Mounted.

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Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Sizes: ¼” to 2” Forged Body / Cast Body 2” to 24” Cast Body

Class: 800, 1500, 3000, (THD & SW) 150 TO 2500 (FLANGED ENDS)

Ends: Threaded, Socket Weld, Flanged, & Butt Weld

Port: Reduced or Full

Bonnet: Bolted, Welded, Pressure Seal

Wedge: Solid or Flexible

Gate Types: Slab, Knife, Pipe line API6D

Check Types: Piston, Swing, Ball, Wafer , Lug

Globe Types: Flat, Tapered, Plug, or Regulating Disc Angle

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Needle Valve

Size: ¼” to 2”

Class: 6000, 10000 PSI

Ends: Threaded, Socket Weld

Port: Reduced or Full

Bonnet: Bolted, Welded, Pressure Seal

Wedge: Solid or Flexible

Butterfly Valve

Sizes: 2” to 24”

Class: PN16, 150 to 2500

Types: Wafer, Lug, Center Flanged, Double Flanged

Actuators: Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gear Operated

Safety Relief Valves

Sizes: 1/4” to 2”

Class: 10 – 40 BAR (BRONZE)   40 – 400 BAR ( S.S)

Types: Pressure Relief, Temperature Relief, Open Lever, Closed Cap

Media: Air, Gas, Liquids

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Solenoid Valves

Sizes: 1/8” to 12”

Media: Air, Water

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Materials: Carbon Steel, Low Temp, Stainless Steel

Grades: A105, A350, A420, A234, A182, WPB, LF2, 316, 316L, 304, 304L, NACE MR‐01‐75

Buttweld Fittings

Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Cap, Cross

Type: SMLS, Welded

Sizes: ½” to 48”

Schedule: 10S to XXS, Odd Thicknesses available on request

Forged Fittings

Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Swage Nipples, Pipe Nipples, Welding Boss, Cross, Plugs

Types: Threaded and Socket weld

Sizes: ½” to 4”

Ends: NPT, BSPT, Socket weld

Class: 1000 to 9000 lbs

Branch Fittings

Types: Weldolet, Sockolet, Nippolet,

Run Size: Up to 48”

Class: 3000 to 9000 lbs

Schedule: 10S to XXS


Types: Weld Neck, Slip‐On, Socket Weld, Blind, Threaded, Lap Joint, Orifice, Spectacle Blind

Size: ½” to 48”

Class: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, JIS, 5K, 10K ,  150 to 2500 lbs

Schedule: 10S to XXS

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Stainless Castings conform to ASTM A351

• Stainless Wrought Fittings conform to ASTM A182, Barstock to ASTM A479
• Stainless Fitting Dimensions conform to MSS SP-114 (except Wall & Bands)
• NPT Threads conform to ASME B1.20.1
• Stainless Fittings have SCI Trademark
• Manufacturing Facility is ISO 9001:2000
• Independent lab verification that fittings meet applicable chemical & physical properties

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Standards: ASTM, ASME, API, BS, DIN, AFNOR, JIS, UNI, SIS, GOST Chrome, Moly, Aluminum, Duplex, Alloy steel, Inconel, Nickel Alloys, Hastelloys, Titanium

Grades: A193, A194, A320 B7, B7M, 2H, 2HM, L7, L7M, 7, 4, B8, B8M, 8, 8M, B16 NACE MR‐ 01‐75

Types: Stud Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Turbine Bolting, High Tensile Threaded Rods, Hex Head Bolt, Cap Screws, Nuts, & Washers.

Coatings: Cadmium , Galvanized, PTFE, XYLAN

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Materials: Soft Iron, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel.

Grade: SS304, SS316, F11, F22

Types: Spiral Wound, Sheet gasket, Ring Joint, Gasket, Metal Jacketed.

RTJ Type: Oval, Octagonal

Sheet Type: Raised Face, Full Face Metal Jacketed

Type: Single, Double

Sizes: ½” to 48”

Class: 150 to 2500

Filler: Graphite, Non Asbestos, PTFE, Asbestos

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Sizes: 1.5m x 1.5m, 2m x 1.5m Thickness : 1mm to 3m

Materials: Asbestos, Non‐ Asbestos, Graphite, 316 Tanged Inserted, Rubber, Graphited.

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Steam Traps & Strainers

Steam Traps

Materials: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Caron Steel, Alloy Steel

Sizes: ½” to 2”

Types: Thermostatic, Mechanical, Thermodynamic, Drain Orifice

Pressure: up to 600 PSI

Ends: NPT, BSPT, Flanged RF

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Materials: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Low Temp Steel, Chrome Molly, Stainless Steel, Other materials on request.

Sizes: ½” to 24”

Types: Y‐ Type, Basket, T‐Type, Temporary Strainers

Class: 150 to 2500# Mesh : 40, 80, Non Standard mesh available on request

Ends: Flat Face, Raised Face, RTJ, Buttweld, Threaded (NPT), Socket Weld.

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Camlock Fittings & Handle Ring Pin Assembly

Materials: Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel
Sizes: 1/2” – 6”

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